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The piece gradually changes shape as I reflect on my true self. Every manual process that is born as I discover the materials, speak to them, listen to them and touch them, is a memory of time. Even as time passes and the world keeps changing,

The timepiece quietly continues to tell the story.



For women

Ninomiya original movement

Manual wind movement

Diamond 1.6 Ct

Platinum case

Case diameter 30.00 mm

Coming soon!

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Supernova 1604


Supernova 1604


In 1604, a star that was part of the constellation Ophiuchus reached the end of its life. At that moment, the star became brighter and exploded. This was the last supernova that was observed in our galaxy. After the explosion, it continued to shine for 18 months, and its celestial light was visible from Earth even to the naked eye. Galileo and other scholars of the time contemplated the universe, which led to new discoveries in astronomy and science, as well as inventions. The telescope was one such invention. Many mysteries of the universe have been solved, and new discoveries continue to be made.  

Design concept

The design of the movement symbolizes the final moment of the supernova. The bottom portion (base) of the movement has approximately 400 diamonds (1.6ct) in a pavé setting, which expresses the celestial brilliance of the explosion. The upper portion of the movement expresses the steady ticking of time, unfazed by the transience of the universe. Brilliance and space-time are given a definite shape in this mechanical watch, which we introduce as `Supernova 1604`. 

Stylish Hairstyle

Thoughts behind the design

Every ending is the beginning of something else. This universal cycle has repeated, along with the evolution of humankind.


Seven years have passed since this concept was born. I worked on the piece, learning from the wisdom of my predecessors and repeated trial and error, along with a deeply inquisitive spirit and passion. The finished piece, which radiates the intense light of a supernova and overflows with vitality, is precisely the timepiece that I wish to dedicate to strong women who are living in this moment.



23rd June, 2021     

 Baselworld Is Back!!! → CANCELLED

    The 2022 dates are set for 31 March 31 to 4 April.



25th Jan, 2021     

 HOURUNIVERSE will take place in summer 2021 at

    the earliest, but it could be moved to later in the

    year if hosting conditions warrant further changes.

24th  July, 2020     

 The MCH Group launches a new hybrid platform

    for the watch, jewellery and gemstone industries

    «HOURUNIVERSE», which embraces the community

    approach. In April 2021,




7th May, 2020     

 BASEL WORLD 2020 has been cancelled. 

    Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld said

    "We will be taking a decision on possible follow-up formats

     by the summer and will then provide information on the new

     concept and scheduling."


28th February, 2020     

 BASEL WORLD 2020 has been postponed to

 28th January - 2nd February 2021

10th January, 2020       

   We will see you at BASEL WORLD 2020. 

   Watch | HALL 1.1 | W48

baselworld2020_Ninomiya_1.1 W48_2.Png



​Watchmaker / Jeweller / Engraver

Takayuki Ninomiya studied sculpture at an arts university in Kyoto and graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design at the college of Takaoka in Toyama with a degree in metal craft.He custom-designed fine jewellery for 15 years.  Intrigued with the complications of Fine Watchmaking, he became an independent watchmaker in 2013. Currently, Takayuki singlehandedly takes on every part of the watchmaking process by hand – original movement development, watch design, cutting, polishing, sculpturing, assembly, and final adjustment. His decorative techniques of diamond setting and hand engraving are exceptional. The new Supernova 1604 combines the beauty of design and of functionality, and is an anthem to the universe with its exquisite integration of art and intelligence. He is a watchmaker who continues to pursue universal beauty. 


Takayuki Ninomiya




Setting Ninomiya’s direction with her unique aesthetic sense and eye for beauty, Nori’s work has taken her across Europe and around the world. She also serves as an executive assistant at a global company, and has extensive experience with startups and corporate branding.



Creative Director


Thank you!

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